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The Girls Next Door stars Bridget Marquardt, 35, and Kendra Wilkinson, 23, interview each other in Us Weekly on everything from cravings ("I'm addicted to nonfat caramel macchiatos from Starbucks!" admits Marquardt) to wedding plans (Wilkinson is saying "I Do" to Philadelphia Eagle Hank Baskett on June 27). Check out Us Weekly's exclusive chat with Hugh Hefner's exes (who are also featured in new book The Girls Next Door: Up Close and Personal) below:

Bridget Marquardt: Kendra, just think of me as Barbara Walters okay?

Kendra Wilkinson: Noooo!

BM: Okay, okay. Who else could I be? Oh! I'm an ESPN reporter.

KW: No, no! Who's that chick?

BM: I'm Robin Meade from CNN.

KW: Oh, she's hot!

BM: Yeah she is! Okay, I'm Robin Meade from CNN and [in a serious 'reporter' voice] I need to know what do you eat in a typical day? Do you have breakfast, lunch and dinner, all three? Do you snack in between?

KW: [Kendra gets nervous and starts laughing] Wait! Wait! Can I get Bridget back please?

BM: Okay, okay. What did you have for breakfast this morning?

KW: For breakfast this morning, I had Cheerios, soymilk and a bowl of fruit with strawberries, bananas, apples and oranges. And I had coffee.

BM: Do you typically have breakfast?

KW: Every day. It feels so weird to me if I don't have that.

BM: I thought you used to have apples and peanut butter in the morning?

KW: I do! I have peanut butter because I have apples in my fruit bowl, I dip it in peanut butter. So bowl of fruit with apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries and coffee. What about you?

BM: I don't eat breakfast. I have coffee with a little bit of vanilla creamer in it and that's my breakfast. I'm not hungry typically when I wake up in the morning so my first meal of the day is lunch and it's usually a late lunch. I get hungry later in the day.

KW: Really?

BM: I have lunch around 1:30.

KW: I'm all, "Really?" I know this because I see your trays in the hallway (laughing).

BM: I don't eat lunch until 1:30 or 2 and then that varies. I'll either go out to lunch if I have a meeting, or I'll eat at the mansion. I'm hooked on BLTs all of a sudden. I love to have a BLT.

KW: Me too! I love BLTs! I love BLTs with cheese and chips in it! I could seriously eat a sandwich, I could just have a toasted sourdough with chips in it, and I'll be fine. That'll be my sandwich.

BM: That's yummy. Is that what you typically eat for lunch?

KW: Yeah, I love the crunchiness. I need, like, bacon or something crunchy in my sandwich. I love it! I've been addicted to bacon lately!

BM: You know what other food I'm addicted to? Peppercinis.

KW: Ugh, I don't like peppercinis anymore. I used to love them but not anymore.

BM: No, I love them! I could open up a jar and spoon them out. I love 'em!

KW: Ew, really?

BM: But they're good with some salami, or some crackers or some cream cheese.

KW: I'll eat them in my Olive Garden salad, but other than the Olive Garden salad, I don't like them really.

BM: What about dinner?

KW: Dinner? See, I'm not a big dinner person.

BM: See, I'm opposite.

KW: See, I am completely opposite. In the morning, I'll have an Egg McMuffin.

BM: Oooh, I do Egg McMuffin! I do them for lunch.

KW: Egg McMuffin, I have every day of my life. I have to have an Egg McMuffin.

BM: What do you put on it?

KW: I don't go to McDonald's to get it. I make my own -- so instead of regular bacon, I put turkey bacon. I use turkey bacon and I put egg whites to make it healthy. I put American cheese and they have this really good English muffin. Put it together and you put some "Slap Yo' Mama" on it.

BM: What is that?

KW: It's a seasoning from down South. It's a down-South seasoning.

BM: I don't know about "Slap Your Mama," but I do the McMuffin's too and I do egg whites, American cheese and I do regular bacon, but not too crispy. I don't like it to be all petrified and hard as a rock. But I don't want it not cooked either, so somewhere in between.

KW: I have to have one of those a day.

BM: What is your favorite snack?

KW: The Hot Cheetos, yeah. Flamin' Hot Cheetos, they've always been my favorite. If you know my friends down in San Diego, they always....

BM: Wait, what happened to the Cool Ranch Doritos? You were always begging for those everywhere we went?

KW: I love Cool Ranch Doritos and I used to love, love, love the Tabasco Cheez-It's.

BM: Oh yeah! But you burned yourself out. You'd eat, like, 10 boxes in one week.

KW: I burned myself out. I ate 10 boxes in one week and I'm done with those now. I am back to Hot Cheetos. I have always been a Hot Cheetos girl. What about you?

BM: Sometimes in the morning, if I do get a little bit hungry before I'm ready to have lunch, I'm addicted to those granola bars. The natural ones!

KW: Those are good.

BM: Oh my gosh! I take them on the Travel Channel with me. I take those with me when we're doing the Travel Channel show and I have a whole bag. My assistant carries those and beef jerky.

KW: I love beef jerky! Me and you have the same taste.

BM: Do you count calories?

KW: I don't even know what a calorie is. I don't give a f--k what calories are. I don't go by calories. I go just by portions, and we're both very active so we really don't need to worry about that. And me and you, we're the same. We want to live our lives. We have one life to live. Why not live it and eat what you want? But be smart about what you it. It's all common sense. I don't think you need to be on any special diet.

BM: It has to be something you can maintain for the rest of your life.

KW: Exactly.

BM: Otherwise, it sets you up to fail.

KW: It does, they do. They really do. I really don't believe in diets. You stress yourself out. You'll have extra stress on you. "Oh my god, pizza! But I can't eat it!"

BM: You can eat anything you want but in moderation. Diet is a bad word. You can't keep that up the rest of your life. And you're always going to set yourself up for failure.

KW: Yeah, the word "diet" is stupid and it sucks and I don't believe in it.

BM: And I definitely don't count calories either. Sometimes, I'll look just in case something that I thought might be good for you. for instance, those granola bars. Sometimes I'll look to see how many calories they have, and some might surprise me and it's, like, 3000 calories in that or something. I'd be like, "Whoa! I won't eat those as much." If it only has 100 calories, then I know I'm okay eating a few of these. OK, what about alcohol? Do you worry about the calories in that and how it affects your weight?

KW: See, I've given up liquor.

BM: What!

KW: 100% liquor. I don't drink liquor anymore. I'm a wine and beer person. Straight up wine and beer. I don't drink liquor anymore. It's disgusting to me now. I've lost the taste for it. So yeah now I have to worry about calories.

BM: I'm so sorry about that!

KW: Wine and beer are two fattening things.

BM: Well, light beer. Make sure you drink light beer. Well, I don't worry about the calories in alcohol. I like to have a glass of wine at night before I go to bed. A glass a red wine. With the Travel Channel show, I'm constantly going out and trying local favorites, whether it's the Sangria or the different wines in the area and stuff. Even at the mansion, I drink quite a bit. So I totally love it.

KW: Well, as you know, I stopped drinking soda five years ago. I cannot drink soda.

BM: Yeah, I have to have at least one soda a day.

KW: I will not pick up any soda and drink it. I hate soda. Soda is nasty.

BM: I know, you won't even mix it with anything, like with alcohol or anything. Even before you quit.

KW: Red Bull is the only thing that I consider soda that I drink. That's it. What energy drink do you like?

BM: I don't really drink energy drinks too much.

KW: I don't know why. I love just pounding Red Bull.

BM: I'd rather just go get a coffee, I'm addicted to Starbucks. Grande Nonfat Caramel Macchiato is my favorite. And then I'm addicted to the new McDonald's iced coffee, sugar-free vanilla. I love! I've been through the drive-thru three times just to get the iced coffee.

KW: Yeah, you and Holly both pound that coffee! I can only drink coffee once a day, and that's with my breakfast. I only drink my coffee black. Just black.

BM: I'd rather get a headache than drink it black. I hate all that sugar. I'm not a sugar person. That's why I'm like, sugar-free vanilla. Nonfat, that kind of thing. How often do you eat junk food?

KW: I eat junk food every day.

BM: I do too!

KW: If I have the chance, I love going to CVS or Walgreens because I like to go in there and go to the chips section.

BM: You're a chip-aholic!

KW: I love chips! I always grabs all these different chips and I open them all up in my car on the way home and I'm like, "Ah!"

BM: Well I will cruise through the drive-thru at McDonald's, and I get the cheeseburgers, but I get them with no meat and no onions.

KW: No meat! Burgers with no meat?

BM: Yeah, but it's like the cheese and the mustard and the ketchup and the pickles on the bread and it's so good!

KW: That's so weird!

BM: Or Taco Bell! Sometimes I sit in the drive-thru and I can't decide what I want to order because I'm like in love with the Enchirito, I love the Mexican pizza, but I love the tacos too. Or I love the quesadilla. I can't decide. And especially if I want the Enchirito or the Mexican pizza, those are two big things so it's hard.

KW: I like the Chalupa from Taco Bell.

BM: Yeah, the Chalupa is good. See I can't even go there with it because I love it but it's not one of my very favorites.

KW: See, I got burnt out on that too. As a kid, everyday after high school, I would go to Taco Bell and eat it every day so I got burnt out on Taco Bell.

BM: You know what I love too? Taco Bell mild sauce, and I always ask for lots of it, and I load it up in my bag.

KW: So what's your favorite type of food?

BM: Oh no, it's too hard to pick. It depends on my mood. I love Italian, I love Mexican, I love Chinese, I love Japanese. I love American. I'm sure I'm forgetting some. I love all of them. When did you start to worry about your diet? Like, "Oh I need to start eating healthier?"

KW: You know when!

BM: I do know when. Do you want me to tell it? I won't say it that bad, I'll just give the rundown. We're on our way to a wedding [about four years ago] with Hef in the limo. Holly was in the wedding. At first, you were like, "Oh I need to start working out. I'm getting kind of fat." And Hef said, "Yeah, there's a gym downstairs."

KW: Yeah, Hef, out of all people, said that to me.

BM: Yeah, "There's a gym downstairs, and you have to be careful with out kitchen."

KW: And I'm like, [imitates wailing]. I was crying so bad!

BM: I would've too. That was so mean.

KW: I was, like, crying.

BM: And then you got super skinny and super toned. And you became like, fitness girl!

KW: Well, before I became to the mansion, I was a soccer player. But then when I came to the mansion, and you know how this is, we have every food, any food that we can ask for.

BM: Twenty-four hour kitchen, anything we want. Any time of the day.

KW: I was binging. I was just eating nonstop. And you! Look at your body!

BM: I started doing trapeze. And now with the Travel Channel, I'm active with everything. I'm cliff-diving, bobsledding and climbing up Dunns River Falls [in Jamaica] and all kinds of crazy stuff.

KW: So you're not just at the gym.

BM: Yeah, it's the best way to workout when you can just have fun with it.

BM: Kendra, do you have any tricks about watching your diet? Do you not eat after a certain time? Or do you do anything weird? Any rules or anything for yourself?

KW: No. I try to get in the gym at least once a week. Not really the gym, because I hate the gym. I try to stay outside. I try to just run around and keep busy. Be busy by being fun busy is also good.

BM: Well I try not to eat too late. I definitely think about it. If it's getting ten, eleven o'clock and I haven't had dinner yet, I start thinking, "Oh crap, I better hurry up and eat 'cause it's starting to get really late and I don't want to have dinner at midnight." But I'll do it. Or if I'm out drinking and we want to stop by Jack-in-the-Box, I'm down for that kind of stuff. I don't really follow it too much. But I definitely do modifications. I feel like you can eat whatever you want. Instead of three scoops of ice cream, just have one scoop of ice cream.

KW: Yeah, just the taste of it is all that matters. Your eyes are bigger than your stomach. My eyes are. Sometimes, I just eat, eat, eat, eat. I eat so fast. I remember [a friend] at the mansion one time said, "Just take a couple seconds and let it just go down."

BM: Yeah, let it digest. Speaking of the mansion, what's your favorite food at the mansion. What do you think about mansion food?

KW: My favorite food at the mansion would just have to be the Olive Garden salad. I mean, I swear. I eat that Olive Garden salad with eggs and cheese in it and a smoothie. I love smoothies! Just a natural smoothie with no added anything to it. I just like strawberries, bananas and orange juice. I don't add milk to it or anything. Just fruit and it's good because it boosts your immune system. And carrot juice is actually a big thing that I drink when I go to Jamba Juice.

BM: What's the most extreme thing you've done to lose weight? I know what it is! Well, maybe I don't. But I think I know one thing.

KW: The most extreme thing I did to try and lose weight would probably be...?

BM: Well, I don't know if what I was going to say is actually to lose weight or if it was just more energy -- but I think that it was that Red Line.

KW: Oh, Red Line! I was addicted to Red Line. Not the drink, not the pills, but the syrup. Every morning, I would take a shot of it and that would be like, "Oh! Oh!" I was on crack. That made me lose so much weight so fast! I had no appetite. I was just nuts!

BM: But not in a good way.

KW: No. I was stressed. I lost too much weight, too fast. Yeah, what about you?

BM: I feel like I haven't really done too many extreme things except for maybe going to Barry's Bootcamp. That's a pretty extreme workout.

KW: That's extreme because I can't do that s--t.

BM: Really? I was able to do it and I did it for a long time but the thing of it is, I feel like it didn't make changes to my body the way I wanted it to like trapeze does.

KW: Yeah, you said doing the Santa Monica stairs.

BM: It didn't help me either. I enjoy doing them. I take it back, I hate doing the stairs. But the stairs [in Santa Monica] beats going to the gym. Yeah, I didn't feel like it made big changes in my body. That's the thing I've noticed, you have to find what works for you personally. Because the stairs might work incredibly well for somebody, but even though it's major cardio for me, I don't see a difference in my body.

KW: I think with you and the trapeze, it works so well because you're doing all this upper body stuff. It's not just doing the legs, it's a full on body. It's not just the legs. I think that's what really works for you. You look the best I've ever seen you.

BM: What are your secret diet and workout tips when you need to lose a few pounds? For like a photo shoot or something?

KW: I do a 22-minute drill on the treadmill. It's fast, but it does the trick. I do it at a 15 percent incline. I do it all the way up. It just hits that spot. And just taking a big bar, or big weight, and doing a couple squats and just doing regular sit-ups and I'm done. Did you say just before a photo shoot? For me, I think drinking a lot of water the day before and if I have a little time to do it, maybe a lot of protein and not so many carbs. Like I'm trying. If this photo shoot means so much to me and I really have to try hard, that's what I'll do. What's your normal workout?

BM: When I'm home, it's trapeze, of course. Or I like going on hikes.

KW: And you have your own trapeze bars and stuff?

BM: Yeah, trapeze bars at the mansion. But while I'm on the road with the Travel Channel, it's harder though so I try to keep it active. We're doing all kinds of things from climbing things.

KW: Talk to me about trapeze: Were you scared at first? What changes do you see in your body ever since you've seen it?

BM: When I first started trapeze, you came with me. And I loved it! I was definitely scared though. Then, CBS had a new show called "Secret Talents of the Stars" and they asked me if I wanted to be a part of that doing trapeze because they saw it on Girls Next Door and I was like, "Yes I'd love to!" They had me 30 feet up in the air and I'm kind of scared of heights, and I had to flip off backwards and I was really nervous. But once I did it, I felt so liberated and felt like I could do anything. I noticed so many differences in my body. I was toning up and my stomach was getting flat and I was just getting smaller but in a healthy way. I love the feeling I get when I do it. Have you ever had a trainer?

KW: I have. And I love having a personal trainer, but I believe you only need a personal trainer for so long just to kick your butt a little bit and to show you the ways of working out. After that, it's a waste of money because you can do it on your own.

BM: You have to be motivated enough to push yourself.

KW: And not everybody has that.

BM: Find somebody you can work out with. Speaking of working out with somebody, do you ever work out with Hank? Does he give you the football routine?

KW: Yeah. Actually, he's the one who taught me the 22-minute drill. On his off-season, we're going to work out together and do the whole thing.

BM: Are you going to be able to keep up with him?

KW: Yeah, he's a really fast runner. We already have plans on working out together. I want to do his workouts. I think when I hit the beach and run dunes. Thank god I know how to throw a football so we can throw a football. I can throw a football out to him since he's wide receiver so we'll do those drill together. It'll be cool.

BM: That'll be fun. Oh my god, he's going to put you through the biggest workout of your life! Talk about working out with Hef.

KW: Hell no. His biggest workout is what he's doing tonight, walking around Disneyland.

BM: What body part are you most proud of?

KW: My body part that I'm most proud of is my legs.

BM: Me too! I think my legs.

KW: We both have a great set of legs.

BM: They're totally different. Yours are more athletic.

KW: And yours are long. What about your feet? You love your feet!

BM: No, I don't love my feet. Other people love my feet. I have the longest toes in the world. Kendra, tell me about your wedding. What's going on?

KW: I'm waiting for Hank to come down here when he's done with his football and help me plan the wedding.

BM: It's going to still be at the mansion, right?

KW: Yeah, we're going to do our thing and walk it. We're going to choose together, you know? We might do something in San Diego. We're still thinking about it. He's never really been to L.A. so he's going to be with me and we're going to walk the grounds. We're going to walk to places and choose together where we're going to get married. Do everything together. I'm bringing him to the mansion.

BM: And you choose your colors, right? They're still going to be pink and white?

KW: Oh my god! Ever since we got engaged, I've been switching colors. I keep saying pink and white, but then I look in magazines, and I'm like, "Oh my god, look at midnight blue and white!"

BM: Yeah there are some amazing colors.

KW: I know, they're so good! So are you still happy with Hef? Do you want kids someday? Those two are in the wrong.

BM: I'm still happy at the mansion, but I am moving on. I mean you and Holly are gone. There are all new girls and the vibe is definitely different. My career with the Travel Channel is definitely where I want to focus and so I feel like it's time to move on. I've definitely started packing. My relationship with Hef is still really good and we talk all the time. We're very open about it, but I feel like it's time for me to start dating and to move on. And I definitely want kids some day so I feel like now is a good time to make the transition. Focus on the Travel Channel.

KW: We should all have kids at the same time.

BM: We could have a baby shower together!

KW: We'll name our show The Kids Next Door.

BM: I like it.

KW: Yeah. Okay Bridget, when do you feel most beautiful?

BM: That's a tough one because I have different moods. Sometimes I feel most beautiful when I've got done with a really great workout and no makeup and just natural and fresh but I just did something really great. Another time, I feel most beautiful when I'm all dolled up and getting ready to do some big event. I think I feel most beautiful when I've done a trapeze routine or something like that. Self-confidence is so much of it. What about you?

KW: I feel most beautiful when Hank's eyes are on me.

BM: You're giving me chills!

KW: Done! Done!

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